cargo bosch electric cargo

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It is slightly longer than an ordinary city bike, practical and spacious, and the electric pedaling assistance allows you to reach your destination smoothly and quickly. There is always no problem finding a parking space for me

Compact volume and capacity is our goal
Visually, it looks even better, drives perfectly and is compact, but offers a surprising amount of space for you and your luggage. Thanks to the included intermediate shelf, you can easily stack your luggage on top of each other, making it spacious and making optimal use of the space in the transport box.

65nm engine
Battery pack
Hub gears
Drive system
Braking system

Performance bosch

Bosch Performance Line (65 Nm)

PowerPack 500
Bosch Intuvia
front and rear disc brakes, drum
KMC chain
My advantage is the size and spaciousness in every dimension


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