battry bosch 300 wh 11.5AH BATTRY USED


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With minimum weight and volume, the PowerPack 400 Rack-mounted is the best in its class. Fully charged in just 3.5 hours, the frame or rack battery is also easy to use and can be charged directly on the ebike.

Antracite color battery (Dark gray)
Power 300Wh
Powerpack 300wh
Sold without DC-DC travel adaptater
Weight: 2500g

Performance Line 300 autonomous: Gray for one battery

Cruise motor 25km / h: (Ideal conditions, mixt, difficult)
Turbo: 60km, 45km, 35km
Sport: 70km, 55km, 40km
Tour: 75km, 65km, 45km
Eco: 90km, 80km, 75km
Mix: 110km, 75km, 50km


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