SHIMANO STEPS SENSA 500w 36v 14aH 150 km RANGE


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The low weight makes the bike ideal for use on bike racks and for vacation commuting and more it’s a beautiful bike
High-performance Shimano STEPS 7000 mid-motor
Range up to 150KM * with a Shimano 500Wh battery
Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for a safe stop
AXA locks and lights
Adjustable stem

The door only self-supply for fietsen, willing and most were for and money given to everyone een eerlijke prijs. Zonder compromise. We use all special quality requirements and use the latest technology for development. Om aan onze high iron te voldoen, bouwen in all our electric fietsen we met in the Netherlands.

The weight of the vehicle is ideal for use in vehicles and in warehouses
Powerful Shimano STEPS 7000 midden motor with 60 Nm clutch
Traveling a total of 150 km * with a Shimano 500 Wh battery
Shimano hydraulic marine brakes
Chiselling and cleaning AXA
Shipping included in the price of the bike


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