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CHARACTERISTIC Our new KATO SUPER FS is geared towards maximum e-fun and safety, no matter how tough the terrain! With its optimally adjusted plows, the E-BIKE Fully moves smoothly over uneven terrain: This is ensured by the combination of high-quality suspension (140 mm / 140 mm) and 27.5 = Plus tires with outstanding tipping behavior and traction. Our KATO SUPER FS is powered by the new Shimano Steps MTB motor. It is light and compact, yet extremely powerful and very intuitive and dynamic to drive. The smaller size allows us to keep the chain short and makes the KATO ..FS a highly versatile E-Fully. Visually slim, the slim battery fits perfectly on the down tube and the shifting is extremely smooth – after all, everything comes from a single source and is perfectly attuned to each other: With our top model from Di2 you are guaranteed longer gear life and even intelligent interruption of shifting in the drive.


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