Only 7 euros per ticket you can win a bike ELECTRIC


Check our website we have raffles only 7 euros per ticket you can win a bike WWW.FABIABIKE.IE

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WELCOME TO ALL INTERESTED IN WINING OUR ELECTRIC BIKE LOTTERY FROM ARIV MELD USA. BY BUYING A LOTTERY TICKET FOR 30 EURO FROM US, YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN OUR DRAW TO WIN AN ELECTRIC BIKE A NEW BIKE PACKED IN A BOX WILL BE DELIVERED TO THE WINNER’S ADDRESS. WE WISH EVERYONE A VICTORY. HOW TO BUY A TICKET YOU CAN BUY BY CLICKING ON OUR WEBSITE BUY A BIKE IN THE WINDOW AND PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD AND YOU WILL GET AN ORDER NUMBER AND THE DRAW NUMBER THE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN WITH THE DRAW NUMBER. Please do not forget to enter the address address name Surname street zip code Place and phone number Data Lottery Lottery How the winner number will be announced on our website on raffle ticket to win electric bike 7 euro you can find it on our website the lottery will run until its end until the last ticket is bought and also on YouTube … Fabiabike .. The lottery we wish everyone win


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