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Before appearing on the E-bike website, BOSCH is very meticulously prepared. The bike undergoes a series of tests of the battery, the entire drive and the battery test. Our mechanics working on the site are equipped with professional equipment for testing engines: Bosch, Innergy, Panasonic and Impulse. After the inspection and testing, it is time to clean the entire drive, for which we use professional cleaning agents that thoroughly remove dirt and old grease. Thanks to this, after applying a new lubricant, we significantly extend its service life. All components are checked, adjusted and, if necessary, repaired or replaced.

The next step is to check the braking system and gears to ensure that everything works flawlessly, smoothly and precisely. The shells, lines, slides and the ends of the shells must not be worn, deformed or tarnished in any way. The grease in the armor additionally protects the lines against moisture and weather conditions.

Finally, there is maintenance of the bearings in the hubs, rudders and the bottom bracket. If all the above-mentioned components are checked and we are sure of their continued reliable operation, we focus on refining the details.

BOSCH battery diagnosis
We have a professional battery tester that allows you to diagnose batteries from drives such as: Gazelle Innergy, Bosch, Panasonic and Impulse and many others. We can test a large number of electric bike batteries with this device. We can test many types of batteries such as led, Lion, NIMH, etc. After the test, we receive a printout in the form of a receipt or on an A4 sheet with all the data about our battery.

E-bikeBOSCH diagnostics of the electric bike
Each bike is diagnosed individually. Thanks to the knowledge of our service technicians and professional tools, we are able to:

eliminate any errors, BOSCH
update firmware,
optimize the operation of the drive.
When purchasing a bike from our offer, the client receives full documentation from the diagnostic device. In addition, we also offer warranty and post-warranty e-bike service.

Parts and accessories
We work with official distributors, which allows us to provide your electric bike with original parts, additional accessories, but above all to keep it in perfect technical condition for many years.                                                                                                      bike used cube

Battery: lithium-ion

SIZE L. 53 FRAME 175CM -200CM

Charging time: 4

Brakes: hydraulic disc
TEL 0873951168

Grey colour

Crank: single row

Number of gears: 10

Brand: Cube BOSCH USED

Frame material: aluminum

Engine power: 250

Model: Touring Pro

Electric drive: in the crank

Maximum load: 25

Pedals: platform

Gender: not applicable, male

Derailleur type: external

Wheel size 28

Frame size 53 cm

Condition: Used

Additional equipment: chain guard, rack, boot rubbers, bell, foot, lighting, meter, electric assistance, fenders


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