is a German premium brand, famous for its excellent workmanship, ride comfort and the use of top components available in the bicycle industry.

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Good morning,

The subject of the offer is a used electric bicycle

is a German premium brand, famous for its excellent workmanship, ride comfort and the use of top components available in the bicycle industry.

has been equipped with one of the best and reliable 250 W motors, which is famous for its incredible durability and high torque of up to 70Nm !!! In addition, the bike is equipped with the most powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 17Ah, which allows you to travel up to 50km in the most powerful HIGH assist mode and up to 120km in ECO mode from the indications and calculations of the system. Strong hydraulic brakes from MAGURA are responsible for safety. Thanks to the use of PROFESSIONAL NUVINCI DIFFUSION DERAILLEUR, EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE, we get a high-performance, high-performance equipment that will work in all road conditions.

Very good condition, both technically and visually,

Of course, the bike wears normal, signs of use and wear, which is shown in the attached photo gallery.

The bike has undergone basic service as well as the inspection and replacement of the most important elements.

The exact range on one battery cycle cannot be calculated, the distance may be greater or less than the above indications depending on: use, selected assist mode, riding style, terrain, cyclist weight, riding with extra luggage, tire pressure, riding wind etc.

Why choose an electric bike?

First of all, an electric bicycle is a real modern ecological transport for the 21st century, it is a German premium brand, appreciated for quality, incredible comfort, and the use of top equipment that will meet the requirements of each user.

Secondly, thanks to an electrically assisted bicycle, you can reach work, school or shopping in a dry shirt, and this is still a healthy, ecological measure. Going uphill, wind is not a problem now. An electric bike is an amazing convenience for elderly people or people with health problems who disqualify from riding a classic bike.

When using an electric bike, the most important components are: the engine and the battery, so when you buy from me, you can be sure that the above elements work properly!


Aluminum frame size. frame M / 50cm (for height 175cm-195cm
Suspension fork SR SUNTOUR NCX D-LO with shock adjustment and lockout
2x MAGURA MT2 hydraulic disc brakes
Wheels size. 28 “double reinforced, tapered, eyelets
New Tires roz. 28 “SCHWALBE Marathon Supreme in condition as shown in the photos
Drive motor 250W / 36V / 70Nm
Li-Ion 36V / 17Ah battery
Original Charger
Multifunctional aluminum CONCEPT CEX adjustable handlebar
New, very comfortable Italian SELLE ROYAL Skin Gel saddle
Aluminum cranks
The original, illuminated controller, the mileage of the bike only 56,000 KM (engine durability is over 200,000 km, incomparable with other solutions on the market !!!
A solid aluminum carrier with a load capacity of up to 25 kg
Solid aluminum adjustable foot
CEX Premium LED lighting is fully operational
Chain cover anti-skid pedals


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