battry 52V 20 AH NEW BATTTRY


Specification: 52V20Ah NEW BATTERY

Battery size: 360 .91 . 110mm

Battery weight: 3.5 kg

Entrusted voltage: 54.6V

Output cut-off voltage: 52.4V

Life cycle: 1000 hours

Entrusted temperature: -15-65℃

Output temperature: -15-65℃

Protection functions: overcharge, discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, weight. Delivery up to 21 days

-battery 52VOLTS 20 AH quantity

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DP-9, BMS 18650 cell, lithium-ion battery, 36V20Ah durable price includes bicycle batteries with charger, mounting rail and keys complete set shipping on the same day of purchase or next day in the morning delivery up to  21days


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